Welcome to AMPLIFIED FRIENDS, a new show on New School Radio showcasing performances from musicians, bands, poets and storytellers at the New School and around New York City. Our first episode features three members of Eugene Lang College’s Experimental Writing Collaborative: Zack Whitesides, Jesse Statman and Muggs Fogarty.

This episode was recorded on April 17th, 2012 in the 8th floor studios of Arnold Hall 55 w13th street in NYC.

Join us next episode for more music & stories from New School students…

Music Listing:
Modest Mouse – Horn Intro
Minutemen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love
Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist??

Written, Produced and Hosted by Malcolm Donaldson and Peter McQuillan – 2012

Want to perform on Amplified Friends? Email us at mcqup440@newschool.edu and donam119@newschool.edu