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This site at wnsr.parsons.edu is no longer active.  We encourage you to enjoy material from WNSR’s history here in our archives as we migrate our content to newschoolradio.org and our Soundcloud page.  Visit the new site for all the latest programs, news and features from New School Radio!

Feature: Little Brother.

New School student Julie Hurd, shares an audio piece about her brother Joe and their relationship while he does time in prison. As of August 1st 2013, Joe was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for drug related charges. At the age of 22, Joe has already spent 2 years in state prison from 2009-2011. Recorded calls with Joe are accompanied by music from June West, a graduate student at Parsons. Her song, “I Know,” is from her music project under the name of Death Moth. You can find more of June’s music at deathmoth.bandcamp.com

Feature: Cracking the Code with Andrea Seabrook at Megapolis

After 18 years of covering the scandal and name calling on Capitol Hill, Andrea Seabrook walked away from being NPR’s lead congressional reporter.   She decided it was time to talk about politics and government policy in a new way, and began a break out podcast called DecodeDC.   She recently visited The New School campus to address the Megapolis Audio Festival, where she called for a “coup to overcome traditional media” and challenged the crowd to be part of a renewal of journalism; to make reporting about congress more than just a sporting event.  WNSR’s Rachel Morrissey spoke with her.

Andrea’s podcast can be found at: http://www.decodedc.com/  And be sure to check out her brilliant and inspiring Transom Manifesto.

Feature: Gender Radio – Episode 1

What began as a simple personal aesthetic made me question everything that shaped, and continues to shape, how I conduct how myself as a cis-man.  From those personal inquiries spawned this radio series– an attempt to understand how the general public shapes gender as it relates to sexuality. This is the introductory episode of a new type of pedagogy in Gender Studies. Take a voyeuristic voyage with me and anonymous guests as we expose our understanding of gender and sexuality. — Dustin Gavin, Producer

News: Summer News Lookback: Landmark Rulings on Gay Rights

WNSR’s Rachel Morrissey looks back at this summer’s Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8.

Photo courtesy of Photophiend / Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/photophiend/

Feature: Darkness Visible: The Early Days of AIDS at The New York Historical Society

Roger Lyon AIDS Memorial Quilt Panel

The New York Historical Society’s current exhibition AIDS in New York:  The First Five Years, brings back sober memories for WNSR faculty advisor Sarah Montague, who lived through the era.   She reports here.

Feature: The New School Talks: Danny Coeyman

WNSR reporters meet with members of the University’s community from students to staff, alumni to professors in our new interview series The New School Talks.

Danny Coeyman is a 2008 Parsons Fine Arts alumnus, an educator, and a portrait artist. He sat down with WNSR’s Sylvie Douglis to chat about his move to New York, disillusionment with the art world, and his passion for The Joy of Painting creator, Bob Ross.
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